Degen’s guide to Meekolony

Excellent choice for aping on this amazing NFT game project! Now it’s time to learn the basics so you can enjoy your Meeko to the fullest. Not a deep dive, but covers enough with what you need to know in a concentrated source. The frequency of people that hop in discord get flustered with figuring out the game got me going on making a guide. Time to break the mental clutter away and finally get you started on playing the game daily, hopefully.

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I - Intro
II - Links
III - Basic game information and Reference for the list of commands
IV - Command Demo and Game assets preview
V - Setting up Meeko, Pets and House
VI - Trading
VII - Personal tips
VIII - Meeko Fluffs (Tatsu’s Lounge #show-your-meeko)

I - Introduction

I’ll save myself the long info about this project since the whitepaper (58 pages of pure bliss), weekly development updates via Blogs and official website speaks for itself. The Avatar phase has been rolled out, management is active and on time with their roadmap. This will be a RPG game with auto-battler, what a relief.

There’s a lot to memorize and quite a bit of work to play via commands but these are all temporary. When the game matures in development, playing via Discord will start to become an option.

Game integration: Discord > Browser > Mobile (Q4)
Staking is coming soon (Target date: End of March)
Tatsumeeko - Pets (Web2)
Meekolony - Avatar with NFTs (Web3)
Both are live and playable in Discord via commands.
Meekolony NFTs comes with free subscription but varies in tiers, depending on how many you hold. Sub has perks and extra bonuses. (NFT sub — not yet enabled)

Subscription Tiers: 1 NFT = Supporter | 3 NFTs = Supporter+ | 8 NFTs = Supporter++

II - Important links (Hyperlinked in images)

Sign in Discord / Connect wallet
Preview NFT trait collection
Development Updates
Meekolony Rarity rank | Buy on Secondary Market
Tatsu Item and Pet database (Web2)
Community-filled Wikipedia for Tatsu

III - Basic game information

Meekolony can be played without spending money or owning NFTs (B̶y̶e̶P̶a̶y̶2̶E̶a̶r̶n̶), but the NFTs give a lot of value and perks for the holder. Will have a Play to Earn system that’s currently being carefully planned and managed by the project. For the meantime, it runs on web2 ecosystem.

Tatsu game currencies — Credits and Token (Cash)

How to earn these currencies?
Daily check in, quests & Vote (every 12 hours)
Tokens in large sums are primarily obtained by supporting Tatsu
Credits can be converted intro a tradeable currency
(Meekolony $IGS and $MKLN token as currencies are not yet available)

What are they used for?
Buy items for your pet and house from tatsu shop or trade with other users.

III - Reference for the list of commands

Tatsu’s Lounge (Discord) The commands have their own particular set of channels, please use them accordingly.

t!guide | t!help meeko| t!help tg | t!help house - Help menu for game, meeko, pet & house
t!daily - sign-in bonus
t!quest 1 - list of your daily quests | t!quest claim after finishing
t!mail or t!mail claim (Devs periodically send mail, sometimes with holiday and limited time items — they can expire)

Meeko commands
t!tm - Displays your Meeko | t!tm only - Meeko only, no room BG
t!tm “discord name”- Displays your meeko with another user
Customizing your meeko is only available in profile page

Pet commands
(New update: You can use /pet and a list of commands will appear)
t!tg edit - Main menu for pets (Customize, change pets and etc.)
t!tg - Show your pet and current status
t!tg feed - feeds your pet (stamina)
t!tg clean - cleans your pet
t!tg play - keeps your pet happy
t!tg train - exp (stamina not required)
t!tg walk - chance to obtain items/credits (need stamina)
* There’s pet auto feeder, cleaner and sitter good for 1 week available at tatsu shop* (Pets run away when you don’t care for them)

Housing and Daycare commands
t!house edit - Main menu for housing (Customize/Edit your home)
t!house - Full view of your house
t!house “discord name” - Full house view of another user (No need to tag)
t!dc edit - Main menu for Daycare (Customize/Edit)
t!dc - Daycare (This is where the rest of the pets are stored and hang out, can also place extra furnitures here.)
t!dc “discord name” - Full daycare view of another user (No need to tag)

Quest commands
t!slots - play slots
t!fish - go on fishing (has cooldown)
t!cookie “discord name” - Give someone a cookie ( don’t need to @ )

Other useful commands
t!trade — menu when trading with other players (accept or send)
t!open - Opens capsules or crates
t!convert - Convert your credits into tradeable bags or add to your account
Conversion limit is 100,000 credits per day

Activity rewards - Tokens and Credits

IV - Command Demo and Game assets preview

t!tm and t!tm lilcat
t!tg (Pet is fine, just hangry)

V - Setting up your Meeko, Pet and House

Meeko is the character avatar, will not be displayed at home until you create.

Connect your Solana Wallet to load up your NFT cosmetic traits. You only need to sign in once unless there are changes.

Once all set up, just hit the command t!tm in Discord to see your meeks

Tatsugotchi are pets. You get a free basic one in your mail, the rest are available only through pet capsules, tatsu shop or trading with other players.

Sample from Tatsulounge #houses-and-daycares discord channel | Display using t!tg

Housing and Daycare - Can be upgraded by purchasing from tatsu shop via Credits / Tokens. To save money, I suggest going the credits route. (see VII - Personal Tips)

Customize your room with furnitures t!house edit
Daycare - additional space for pets and furnitures t!dc

VI - Trading

Specified channels
  • For prices, players set up the economy. Feel free to ask around #trading-chat first.
  • Use search feature when looking for a particular item to purchase. You can tag the seller / buyer in the #trading-chat channel or directly send them a message.
  • Due to trading demand, I enabled DMs on this server. No issues with spam or malicious activities so far.
Make use of search function in Discord to find a seller or buyer of a specific item
Tatsu’s Lounge Discord - Player to Player trade and market place (Be careful, there’s a long cooldown when posting)
Trade demo - Accepting offers from another player | Use t!trade to open up the menu

VII - Personal tips

  • [Meekolony NFT] Rarity rank doesn’t matter, only in trait supply. All of them are considered as “genesis”. Aura is the most important of all since it’s exclusively limited to NFTs and nowhere else, choose what you like best. There will always be new and better clothes and gears but not Aura. All NFTs share equal privileges and benefits. There are special seasonal item and accessory airdrops for all NFT holders.
  • [Trading] If you are in need of quick bulk credits and considering the cash route, I suggest buying the Monthly Supporter Bundles. They are the best in trading value with other players, usually go around 300,000 - 450,000 credits per bundle. Gets more expensive when they are no longer available in shop. When trading with Tokens, the ratio is 1:60–100 credits.
  • [Financial Advice] I don’t think you degens understand what the flip MEEKOLONY are. This is the MEE version of KOLONY. You finally made a good fcking choice on an NFT project and are lowballing yourself? Go ahead then and paperhand all your fkin KOLONY, you’re ngmi anyways. I’ll gladly scoop up all your cheap MEEKOLONY and fk your sister and your dad with my MEEKOLONY in the back that I get from this masterpiece of a project. You could’ve had generational wealth but you FUMBLED the bag AGAIN.

VIII - Meeko Fluffs (#show-your-meeko)



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